Such a great session! These Mermaid Seniors Are No Fantasy

When is it the best time to see mermaids in Texas? Well – mostly all year because it’s nearly always hot, but we’re going to go with the summer because North Texas seniors Reese, Angela, and Gabby allowed us to play with their hair and makeup in order to turn them into mystifying mermaids!

With the help of jewelry designer and stylist, Myrna Phillips, our team was able to satisfy our craving for a gorgeous and colorful mermaid photo shoot! Myrna’s unique

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We love this awesome photo of rock star, Kaity Floyd, kneeling in a field of fog as a storm rages on behind her. Kaity Floyd’s iTunes Cover Photo Shoot!

We first met Kaity in 2010 for her senior portrait session. She was so much fun to photograph the first time around so it stands to reason we were thrilled when she reached out to us to shoot her the iTunes cover photo for her new single “Broken”. Her goal was to get photos that matched the kind of music she makes, mysterious and creative. She chose the location, which was near Babe’s close to Frisco Square. We could smell country fried chicken the entire time we were shooting...

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Myrna Phillips Commercial Jewelry Suzanne Korslet Studio White Seamless Myrna Phillips Jewelry Commercial Photography Shoot

Myrna Phillips is a jewelry and accessories designer based right here in Dallas and when she approached us to put together a catalog shoot for her new line of products, we were very excited to help out. Myrna's work is amazing, and can been seen here being worn by Carrie Underwood! Her introduction in Vegas went really well and I anticipate you'll be seeing her work all over the place very soon!

We started this commercial photography shoot by doing some planning. We scoured the Internet for some amazing models, and coordinated an amazing studio session.....

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