Glenda And Bob Lovely Engagement Evening Bob and Glenda’s Surprise Engagement | A Prescription for Love

Bob and Glenda were both left with broken hearts after their spouses died from long battles with cancer. Since both shared the same family physician, a "cure" was suggested by Dr. Jones, to mend their hurt and heartache. The doctor wrote Glenda's name and phone number on a prescription pad and told Bob to call her. This resulted in days of hesitation, but after much prayer, Bob decided to follow the doctor's advice and take his "medicine"--- he called Glenda.

After several weeks of phone conversations, they decided to meet for the very first time for Sunday lunch after church. The doctor's remedy seemed to have a positive effect on both. Five months later on June 11, at the Hope Center where Glenda worked, in the lobby in front of the fireplace under the wagon wheel with a large antler chandelier overhead, on one knee Bob asked Glenda...

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Martha And Josh White Rock Lake Engagement Amazing White Rock Lake Engagement with Martha and Josh

Stacia and I met up with Martha and Josh this weekend to take a few engagement photographs. We started out at the dog park on White Rock Lake of all places. My bad, I just saw a parking lot from space on Google Maps and thought, that’ll work! I had no idea how much barking and yipping there would be. Turns out it’s an excellent place to shoot, and you can borrow cute dogs too, if you are so inclined.

Fun was had by all, and we were really lucky with the weather being perfect, and what a gorgeous sunset! We tootled around the lake a bit and found a great little dock to watch the sun hide behind the earth yet another time… was, well…

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Jessica Kyle Engagement Kansas Army Groom It's Trampolines and Tanks for Jessica and Kyle’s Engagement Photos

Stacia grew up on the same street as Jessica, and their families are now so close that you can’t really tell they aren’t actually related. We are shooting Jessica and Kyle’s wedding in June and we’re really looking forward to it. So for their engagement Stacia and I flew up to Kansas, went back to their home town and shot a few in the old neighborhood. Kyle is Army bound, so it was nice of the park to let us use the tank for a few shots! :) I am only posting the rated PG pictures here, email me for the rated R versions, okay, PG-13! ;)

I think we will have to get a trampoline in all of our shoots from now on, that was hilarious.

Seriously, we really enjoyed rushing around trying to beat the sunset with you… thanks for letting us capture this special time in your life… I hope...

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Meredith Richard Engagement Crazy Hot West End Dallas West End Engagement with Meredith and Richard’s

So we went to the West End with Meredith and Richard, had a few drinks and started shooting. Man it was crazy hot, but we powered through it and only had to stop once for water. I was drenched, but they looked great all the way through. We are really...

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Tausha Raymond Engagement Downtown Dallas Cool Urban Edgy Edgy Engagement with Awesome Couple Tausha and Raymond

Stacia and I met up with Tausha and Raymond downtown this evening to shoot their engagement. Tausha gave us strict instructions to make it edgy, cool and urban. She emphasized nothing cheesy, so we went to town (literally) and here’s what we made, note the lack of cheese! I can’t wait to shoot their wedding, it’s going to be a blast. Bring the VW Raymond, it would...

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Rachel Rob Dallas Awesome Engagement Session DART Train Dallas Engagement Pictures with Rachel and Rob

One of my best friends and teammate Rob is getting hitched in San Antonio this October. I am not shooting their wedding because I will be in it. Their leaving that honor to Chris over at CMI Photography. I am not too sure how I feel about being on that side of the lens, but I am sure it will be fine. I hope Chris has some resilient equipment, my ugly mug might just break his stuff! Check out his work, he’s GOOOD!

Stacia and I were able to talk them into the Dallas version of their engagement shoot, since they do live here and all. Rob initially wanted to go to the park, but we nixed his idea and went for the West End instead. The shots turned out great. They really like the long exposure dart shot…

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Mara And Kyle Funny Cute Engagement Mara and Kyle's Goofy Engagement Session

Kyle is a good friend of mine and coincidently, is one of many reasons that I am a professional photographer; you can read more on that at “about us”. Stacia and I met up with Kyle and Mara at the Prestonwood Country Club, The Hills, in Plano, Texas for their engagement shoot. It seemed to be an appropriate location, as the wedding is to be held here just over a month.

This cute and fun loving couple, frolicked through the golf greens, up and down the hills, and down by the water. While they were playful, we captured moments of laughter and love. As the sun set, we caught some true “Kyle & Mara” moments, them, being themselves...

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