Such a fun session! Reedy High School Seniors Save Stuck Photographer

Reedy High School Senior Ashlee Hoxsey came to us like a ray of sunshine! This senior is energetic, hilarious, and not to mention STUNNING! We started our journey in Downtown Frisco. This location is so much fun for us! Downtown Frisco offers so many unique looks from the wide variety

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A pair that does not compare! Water is Sweet, But Blood is Thicker

For a brother and sister, the Castillo siblings are one of a kind. With a bond like theirs it’s no wonder to our team that they are best friends!

We met the Castillo family at the Shops at Legacy on a bright afternoon earlier this spring. It was gorgeous out, so there were a few people walking around the beautiful pond and talking about their plans for the quickly approaching summer.

Melissa, the older of the two, is one of our amazing senior model reps and has already been with us for the Slumber Party session, and is going to be in our...

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The Burrells look great! We Fell for the Burrell Family

With 3 girls, it’s no wonder that this family was so pumped for their family photos! All three of the awesome sisters were dressed to fit their personalities, and it definitely cemented the idea in our minds that just because you’re related that does not mean you’re exactly the same!

Even though their personalities are so different, their love for one another and their parents shown brightest during their session at a cute park across the street from the studio. We met the Burrell family when Lauren, the middle sister, contacted us about her senior portraits back in October...

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The McKeen's are a happy family! McKeen Sisters' Hair Catches Fire During Session

The McKeen sisters, Lauren and Savannah, truly live up to their Scottish heritage. With freckles for days, and hair like a stunning red blaze, these lovely ladies can attract a crowd wherever they go! Along with their mom and dad, this family is just gorgeous!

We met them at their neighborhood’s clubhouse...

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Kaitlyn and Tracey love each other! Family Fights Off Hoard of Bugs For Prime Spot in Front of Fountain

Bold colors for a bold family, the Batsons had us on our toes for their family session!

We met this fun and wonderful family when Kaitlyn came to us for her senior portraits. We love when our senior clients come back to us for their family Christmas pictures, especially...

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The Garret's make a photo inception! The Garrett Family Takes Mt. Zion Cemetery

Our beloved Mt. Zion Cemetery location was in ruins. Surrounding the once scenic hill were construction trucks, bright yellow tape, and the beginnings of a new neighborhood in North Dallas. This was not going to deter our team from having the Garrett’s family portrait session though!

After a lot of pre-planning – which is...

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The Underwoods are Texan through and through! Family Outshines Texas Countryside During Portrait Session

Easy-going, happy, and fun-loving are just a few of the words that we would use to describe the Underwood family. We met Kayla Underwood when she had her DFW senior portrait session with us back in October, and when Kacie, Kayla’s mother, saw how fantastic Kayla’s portraits were she decided to have their family’s portrait done with us as well!

A busy family, we met up with the Underwoods on a Friday evening at Luscombe Farms in Anna, Texas for some traditional and non-traditional family portraits. While Kayla is a senior this year at Heritage High School, Kyler, her brother attends Independence High School and is on their baseball team...

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The Miletello family pose on the gravel road that runs next to Luscombe Farms in Anna, Texas. Swing Off Into The Sunset With The Miletellos

You would think having two kids would put a damper on the spark in a marriage, but you could never say that about Joey and Beth Miletello.

This gorgeous couple has two amazingly beautiful kids, and that flame is brighter than ever. Our team even noted during their session how we could almost see the love between them as if it was a tangible object. Of course, with every smooch...

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Adam and Audrey hold a picture frame with the funny family portrait in it, on our white seamless background. An Entertaining Portrait Session with the Evans Family!

When Mark and the Evans family asked us to take their family portraits we were excited to capture this hilarious crew. They are so much fun to be around and they have become excellent family friends. Mark is a riot. He told Stacia and I that he was going to email Heather and tell her that he wasn’t happy with his portraits and within about 5 minutes, Heather called me all in a panic. Cruel but hilarious. They loved...

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Grandpa Funeral Family Passed Away Photograph The Ones You Love

It is with heavy heart and teary eyes that I must report that we have lost my Grandfather, William Capehart Brown. Grandpa had been battling both kidney and lung cancer valiantly, but lost that battle the morning of July 14th 2010, and has gone on now to a much better place.

I have delayed posting this blog entry and the newsletter as well, due to both an overwhelming workload, and the sadness I knew it would bring to have to say goodbye.

I love my Grandpa more than I can express with words. I am so proud to have...

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Schad Family Portraits Dallas Arboretum Botanical Garden Dallas Arboretum Pumpkin Patch Photography with The Schads

The pumpkin patch….wait, no, this is all about the Schad family. Well, mostly about Lauren! The Dallas Arboretum has a wonderful fall setting in October and we made good use of the scenery. Robert is a good friend and they were looking for some playful portraits of their precious little girl. We managed to snap a few family photos too! At first Lauren was a little shy and reluctant to let go of daddy. She came around eventually and we caught her wandering through the pumpkin patch and the floral gardens, she is absolutely adorable! This little beauty ran around, played and at one point you’ll notice she was determined to drench dad with a water feature. Tyler, Robert and now Lauren too are Arsenal “Gooner” fans. Lauren sure...

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Christina Cayden Caryss Family Portraits Beautiful Family Photography with Christina, Cayden and Caryss

Christina and offspring came to visit Stacia and I this weekend. We had a great time. We had to use this opportunity to take a few family pictures. We didn’t go far, just the backyard, the kids didn’t want to be too far away from “Rock Band”, which I am sure was the...

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Carrie Grace Ashley Children Flowers Cute Children Photography Ideas with Carrie, Grace and Ashley

Stacia and I met up with Carrie and the girls for a quick family shoot this evening. They were passing through Dallas on their way up to Tulsa, and Carrie needed a few shots to put on a purse. Yes, that’s right, I said purse. I didn’t even know you could do such a thing, but...

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