Pardon the pun, but when you have an opportunity as good as that, would you pass it up? Of course not! That’s also what we told Lone Star High School Senior, Nathalia Cruz, when she came to us saying that one of her friends was willing to let us use their mansion as a backdrop for Nathalia’s senior portraits!

When we got to what Nathalia called ‘the house’ we were stunned. Hidden in a neighborhood, the ‘house’ was a sprawling masterpiece. Gorgeous paintings covered the walls and were reflected in the gorgeous marble flooring. With beautiful antique furniture and wide windows, the space was breath taking and had our team gasping every time we entered a new room.

We began outside by the resort style pool and worked our way around the house poising by pianos, around spiraling staircases, and against hand-carved doorways. To say the least, our team was in photography heaven. And then Nathalia’s mom, Ana, told our team she had a surprise for us.

Being very mysterious, Ana lead our team through a dark hallway and into a pitch black room. When she flipped the lights on we were elated. In the middle of a black tiled garage was a bright white Rolls Royce. We immediately set up shop and started posing Nathalia in front of the car. There aren’t words to describe our excitement, and we basically had to pry our photographer, Macy, away from the car so we could catch the sun before it set.

To end the session, we walked around a nearby park, exploring the creek bed and watching people walk their dogs. Nathalia looked stunning in the afternoon light, and although it was a little chilly, she was able to appear warmer than if it was the middle of July.

Our only regret? We didn’t get any video. See – we were so amazed by our surroundings that we forgot to turn on the go pro. At least we got some amazing photos of Nathalia so that we could show everyone! Although she’s not sure quite yet where she is heading next year, Nathalia is excited for the future to come and told our team that she can’t wait to head off to school in the fall!


Which one is your favorite?