To be a 2017 senior, you need to know two things: 1.) Fall is everything and 2.) You can’t have fall without friends and pumpkin spice.

Although the fall in North Dallas is just Summer 2.0 – we Texans still love the idea of wearing warm colors, flannel, and the smell of a good cup of coffee. There are plenty of people here who will don wool socks and jackets even as sweat drips down their faces. Senior Model Reps Haylee Hogan, Tyler Crew, Taylor Curbow, and Gabby Klosterman are these people (minus the sweat that is!) and we barely had to convince them to head downtown to Kessler’s Annual Fall Festival during the first weekend of October. We we're pretty excited when we started to smell the popcorn and hear the music!

It wasn’t the biggest festival we’ve ever been to, but with the lack of space came the abundance in charm. Our senior model reps shopped, posed for photos, and tasted sweet treats as we walked around the festival. There was even a petting zoo, where Tyler just had to pet the teacup pigs that were waddling around, and Taylor got up and personal with a llama (which may or may not have been an alpaca – we’re still not sure)!

Gabby won a giant bottle of soda in one of the festival games, and Haylee looked just stunning as she shopped at one of the stands, Hey Gorgeous Jewelry, who you can find on Instagram! Our team tested out the gourmet doughnuts at Dough Boy Donuts, who will park at your house and make you candy inspired donuts if you give them a call, and we laughed when the models posed with a superman cutout.

It was such a pleasant morning and we can’t think of a better way to march into Fall, and hopefully some cooler weather!


Which one is your favorite?