Ally Smith isn’t a whole like the characters from Little House on the Prairie, but being a Texas senior definitely means that we are plenty of prairies, fields, and just generally open land in abundance. And this particular prairie was right behind her house!

We met Ally and her family at their home out on some cattle land in Celina, Texas. We took a few photos around the pool and when our team saw the stunning acres their home is backed up to, we asked if we could hop the fence to grab a few photos! The Smiths are good friends with the neighbors who own the land, and after a quick phone call we headed out across the fields.

Tall grass, some unruly animals, and a gorgeous Texas sky had our hearts racing and giant smiles plastered on our faces. We spent nearly an hour just playing around the lovely farm house and frolicking through the prairies before we decided to pack up and head to Downtown Celina to grab a few rustically urban photos of the lovely theater senior.

With her big blue eyes and easy smile, Ally was a joy to work with, and even though we all ended up covered in mosquito bites, we we’re overwhelmed with how lovely Ally’s photos turned out!



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