There are so many great poses for seniors so we put together some of our most popular poses to help you out. It all depends on who you are, what setting you're working with, and what makes you comfortable. You want to pick the poses that show off your personality and have people saying, "you look awesome!" when they see your portraits.

Josh sits cross-legged on a wall in McKinney.

Hat Hold

This cute pose can be accomplished with any hat you can hold on top of your head.

Skyler poses with one foot on our red chair in our studio.

Captain Morgan

Ever seen the Captain Morgan commercials on TV or your friends copying this pose? Well, it makes a good pose for your senior portraits as well!

Skyler leans forward as she sits on our red chair, on our white seamless background.

Chair/Forward Lean

For this pose, sit in a chair and lean forward relaxing your arms over your knees and crossing them.

Skyler sits on a tractor in McKinney.


Here's another great, yet easy pose. Sit on an object, whether it be a wall, tractor, chair, or fence, and cross one leg over the other. Try this pose with your arms in different positions.

Skyler leans against this stone wall at Adriatica Village.

Front Wall Lean

There are a lot of ways to pose against a wall. In this pose, face the wall and lean your body against it, while bringing your hands up to rest against the wall at chest level.

Skyler takes a photo of herself, with her iPhone, in our studio.

The iPhone

We love this pose since cell phones are so important to high school seniors. This is a great pose for the girls who love taking pictures of themselves on their iPhones!

Skyler looks gorgeous, in her dress, sitting in the tall grass.

Lounging in a Chair

This is another popular pose for the girls. This pose works with any chair that has arms to help support your back and legs. In this photo we had Skyler sit sideways in the chair with her legs hanging over the side. Try placing the chair in different locations for different looks.

Skyler shines like the sun in her bright yellow dress, on our white seamless backgound, in our Frisco studio.

The Power

Looking powerful and assertive isn't just for guys! For girls, be sure to keep the shoulders turned at least slightly to avoid making the shoulders look too broad. In this case we had Skyler face the camera directly, however, she has her knee bent slightly and is leaning forward on it a bit. She still looks strong yet feminine.

Heritage senior, Skyler, hangs out by the water at Adriatica Village in McKinney.

Just Hanging Out

Want a relaxed and cute pose that's super easy to do? With this pose you just need to sit with your knees brought up comfortably and your arms relaxed on top of your legs. You can try this pose in various ways changing the position or your arms or your legs to whatever works best for you.

Skyler poses with our red chair, in our Frisco studio.

Backward Chair

Try posing with a chair by sitting in it backwards and resting your arms on the back of the chair. You can also try sitting in it sideways, with on knee on and the other foot on the ground, or try rearranging your arms for different looks.

Skyler's Medusa pose looks great in this photo of her on the high school football field in her cheer uniform.


This is an awesome pose for those girls who have longer hair that can be curled. Lay on your back with your head to the photographer and fan out your hair. You can take this photo in various outfits and with different props.

Heritage senior, Skyler, shows us her foot pop, in our Frisco studio, on our white seamless background.

The Foot Pop

The foot pop is nice for the girls. It makes for a cute photo and works with most outfits and settings.

Skyler relaxes on the grass in front of the Adriatica Tower as the sun goes down.

Laying Down

This is a popular and great pose for girls. It's not only easy to do but it makes a cute picture. Start by laying down on the ground, or another object, on your stomach and propping your arms on the ground to hold up your upper body. You can try this pose with your feet laying on the ground or you can cross your ankles and have your feet in the air.

Molly looks gorgeous doing our

Crazy Legs

This pose definitely isn't the easiest to accomplish but, when you do, it looks fantastic! Start by sitting on a low surface like as chair, water fountain ledge or something similar. Then bring your knees together and spread your feet apart, pointing your toes slightly inward and toward the camera. Next, prop one arm on your leg to prop your head on and cross the other arm between your knees.

Molly looks great sitting in one of our chairs, with her foot propped on a soccer ball, on our white seamless background.

Classy Sport

We love this pose, and similar ones, where our seniors wear a cute outfit and heels while posing with a sports ball, whether it's a basketball or soccer ball. It only works if you play that sport but it looks awesome! Simply sit in a chair, or on a stool, and prop one foot on the ball with your other foot on the floor. Next, bring the hand closest to the camera to your hip, turn your body toward the camera, and prop your back arm on your knee. Place your cheek on the hand of the arm you have propped on your knee. Easy!


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Brianna Post

Brianna Post took her portraits at Frisco Square

"Best pictures I've ever taken. Tyler and Stacia were great! They made me look really pretty :)" - Brianna Post

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Savannah Rutherford

Savannah loves to paint!

"For most of my life, I was a very shy and quiet person. I kept to myself and let others talk for me. I had no confidence and very low self esteem, hiding under baggy clothes with tennis shoes and a pony tail. Towards the middle of high school, I decided I had had enough of being “the quiet, weird girl”. I saw how Tyler R. Brown was taking applications for Senior Model Representatives, and I went for it! I heard back from them in less than a week and was so thrilled that they wanted to meet me! Of course my mother was more excited than I was. After signing on with them, I immediately started seeing a change in my confidence.

For my first photo shoot, I was extremely nervous, not knowing what to expect, if I had enough outfits, or if I was I even good enough for this? Not even 10 minutes went by and I had already felt so welcomed! Tyler and Macy began having us do a warm up photo shoot, where we do all these random, silly poses to get ready for what was yet to come! As the shoot went by, we had fun using props, and throwing around ideas on what might look good, listening to music, laughing and making memories!

I loved all of the experiences I had with Tyler and the team! From ice breaker parties, to my actual senior shoot, I was able to get so close to everyone and enjoyed the time I had; even if that meant climbing into water fountains, sitting on not so clean staircases, practically swimming across rivers, and crawling through grass and getting a million bug bites! It was all worth it, for gorgeous pictures, and making friends!

The experience I had as being a Tyler R. Brown Senior Model Rep. was more meaningful than I ever expected it to be. They gave me the chance to break out of my shell and become a whole new me! A better me! I have gained so much confidence from the experience and I will forever remember the memories I made!" - Savannah Rutherford

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