It was udder madness. People were slipping, cars were sliding, and the snow was coming down like an avalanche.

As dramatic as Texans can get about cold weather and the snow, it can be said that the amount of snow that we received was not only unexpected but quite beautiful. In lieu of our chilly situation, we decided to grasp the expectant hand of opportunity and forge out into the wintry weather for a photo shoot! Two very brave senior model reps, Brooke and Madison, met us out at the Shops at Legacy for what would prove to be a very eventful (and cold) North Dallas senior photo session.

A little nervous of the commute, which many of you know was more than a little chaotic, our team arrived at the Angelica early. It was gorgeous. The Shops at Legacy had been transformed into the likeness of a Thomas Kincaid painting, and our team felt like Dorothy – we definitely weren’t in Dallas any more. A soft blanket of crunchy snow laid mostly undisturbed along the quiet streets, most of the shoppers choosing to remain out of the cold and frosty air.

As we circled the pond together, Brooke and Madison shared a pair of gloves and talked about their different dance careers. As you may have read from Madison’s personal session, she’s been on her high school’s dance team, the Lone Star Rangerettes, since she was a freshman but she has had her sights set on Kilgore ever since she could kick! Brooke on the other hand is concentrated on her ballet, and is shooting to grab a spot on So You Think You Can Dance in the next coming season. Brooke also had her senior portrait session with us, and told us that she had been dancing ballet for the better part of her life, having even been with the Houston Ballet at one point! We can definitely say that these two young ladies know how to move – and how to model!

We grabbed a quick break in a local coffee shop to warm our bones, but when we got ready to gather our stuff back up to go out for round two, Brooke realized that she didn’t have her keys! Retracing our path multiple times, we eventually had to admit defeat and met Brooke’s mom with her spare key. To our surprise, the next day Madison called us saying that after realizing she had lost an earring, she went back to look for it and ended up finding Brooke’s keys on a bench by the pond! Unfortunately, the Kendra Scott earring has not been found, so if you find a shiny black triangle at the Shops at Legacy, it’s probably Madison’s!

We are so lucky to have two fantastic Senior Model Reps that are willing to roll around in the freezing snow so that we could grab some gorgeous photographs!



Which one is your favorite?