Worried about what to wear to your debut as a TRB Senior? No worries, below you will find tips, tricks, and plenty of inspiration given to you by our past clients and their amazing fashion sense! These seniors really know how to look good in front of the camera while staying comfortable in their own skin.

Summer Child

As a summer child, you love the heat, bask in the sun, and enjoy frolicking among the creeks and pools that bespeckle Texas. Where some wither from the rising temperature, you flourish, and you can’t get enough of the long days and the sounds of cicadas in the distance. Carly, Mandi, and Isabellar, our summer girls, enjoyed their senior sessions in July, August, and September. If you find yourself needing to wear something cooling, but not too revealing, these ladies know how to keep the sweat away while being modest!


See our Summer Clothes Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Fall and Fabulous

As Texans, we are lucky that we are able to experience all four seasons – short as some maybe. After the scorching heat of our summer has ebbed, comes the cooling embrace of fall, along with the gorgeous colors that accompany it. Many would say that Texas doesn’t have a real fall, but you can see by these photographs that those people would be poorly mistaken. Shannon, Meghan, and Ethan show off some of the many options for a calm fall day with our team. Layering your outfit is always a must, as it could be above 80 degrees, or below 60 – depending on the day (or the hour in most cases). Scarves are a great way to accomplish this, as are fun button downs with a simple undershirt. Patterns and bold colors are also striking against the brilliantly colorful backgrounds.

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Fashionably Chilly

Brace yourselves! Winter is coming. As it does every year, this season surprises us every time, bringing the holidays and fun festivities that help curb us against the chilly weather. But with the wintry breezes and sometimes the frosty ice and snow also come the fashion statements. Fur vests, long sleeved shirts, and riding boots decorate this scene. Scarves, hats, gloves – you name it, its game. Most people find the cold weather to be terribly bleak, but there is a certain beauty that comes with the quiet, crisp air and the cute winter clothes. Mikaela, Taylor, and Madison show us the fun and different ways to dress up the cold: darker colors, and bright accents really pop during this season.

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Blossom like a Flower

As the ice melts away, we are greeted with a few rain showers, some may flowers, and the promise of the sun. We reset our clocks and craft hair wreathes out of wild flowers to adorn our winter weary heads. Pastels are the way to go as Makenna, Lyssa, and Kayla show off – though you can be pale as a flower, or brighter than a highlighter. High-waisted shorts are making a comeback, and soft patterns are a nice accompaniment to the lighter colors of spring.

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Athletic and Talented

If you’re an athlete that can’t stand being out of your uniform, have a game later, or just can’t put down your football; than these seniors can relate! Although our studio is well equipped with props, if you really want to show off your talent or skill then bringing your outfit of champions is the easiest way for us to get creative with your shoot! We may not use your full uniform, but in any case we like to have fun with it! Can’t stand to have another generic sports photo taken? Never fear! We like to switch it up and usually have ideas for you when you walk in the door.

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Perfectly Comfortable

Does the soft feel of cotton appeal to you? Do you prefer to be laying down instead of standing up? Bring some of your comfy clothes! Nothing is greater than catching a photo of the real you, and if that you is in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt than bring them to your session. Casual does not mean sloppy, and we can make you look just as fabulous in your favorite t-shirt as in a designer dress!

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Elegantly Glamorous

You’re a red carpet type of person. You want to be glam, perfected, and elegant. Bring your prom dress, tux, or gown! You can go from the belle of the ball to the sassafras of the day, but a pretty dress is always fun to play with so if you have one, bring it with you!

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If you can't get enough inspiration here, head to our Pinterest boards organized by style. Not enough? Shoot us a text at (972) 910-2246 with your outfits or email and they'll let you know what they think!

For more tips to have the perfect senior shoot check out our Extra Tips page!



Melissa Castillo

Melissa rocked her session!

“I was a model rep for them and it was absolutely the most fun and worth it experience. My family and I really enjoyed working with Macy, I was in love with all the pictures she's taken of me through out my senior year.. thank you to the staff of Tyler r. Brown for such an awesome experience full of unforgettable memories!! I'd recommend them to seniors, families.. everyone!!”

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Brooke Sauls

Brooke strikes a pose three times as lightning strikes the horizon behind her.

"Tyler R. Brown is the best place to get your senior pictures done! I had so much fun working with everyone and would recommend them to absolutely everyone!!! Thanks you guys so much for putting up with me taking some awesome pictures! I'm so grateful to have had this experience and cant thank y'all enough!" - Brooke Sauls

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